In this episode McLuvin’ takes his usual underhanded opportunity to launch into the University of Miami Athletic Dept. for it’s pathetic March Madness showing, complete with disrespect to Loyola University.  The conversation continues with an examination of the stupidity of Dolphins offseason, while McLuvin’ tells Rico why the Patriots need not be worried, positing that the New England Patriots make players and players don’t make the Patriots.  On a more serious sports note, the boys examine recent comments from Shaquille O’Neill concerning gun control solutions, giving Shaq the business for his biased shortsightedness.  No one is safe in this episode as the agenda of the conservative extreme right is examined, comparing their lax stance on gun control vs. their militant stance on abortion, the boys considering the quote: “Republicans only care about life from conception to birth.”  The boys delve even deeper into hot water as they examine the true beliefs of the founding fathers, exposing the benefits of a state separated in it’s oversight from religion.  The show closes out with an examination of 1994’s Defense of Marriage Act with a heated debate on marriage issues in general.

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