In this episode McLuvin rants about how the United States of America has now become the United States of Amazon.  The boys make from of Amazon’s Dash Buttons and question the sanity of someone who has one just for Red Bull.  Rico makes the argument for convenience and the boys debate on the state of customer service in business in 2018.


  1. Love the show. Sick of the inconsistent schedule. One episode two episodes Three weeks off, one, two weeks off, one two three four, one week off. I know why you guys are doing it. Cause you think just because the Olympics, The NCAA Basketball tournament, or just another show is on and you don”t want to compete. I get it. STOP IT. And boost the number of episodes to 22-27 a season please.

    • Hey, fair comment. We are trying to bump up to two episodes a week, consistently, released on Monday and Thursday. The show is evolving and we are settling into a rhythm and style. Keep hanging on for the ride – we appreciate it!

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