In this episode the boys are completely dumbfounded. Apparently there is a movement of men who call themselves “Men Going Their Own Way,” or MGTOW (secret handshake or butt slap presently unknown), who did one too many creepy things on a date with a girl. Heartbroken, they swore off women, marriage, procreation and of course gainful income (somehow related?). It takes a big heartbroken man to cry, and an even bigger man to laugh at that man. McLuvin & Rico are those men, dedicating a whole episode to ridicule the stupidity of a movement, that, if successful, would effectively eliminate the human race. Oh, and they rip on Toys R Us for blaming Millennials for sending them into bankruptcy.

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  1. Betting half your shit (plus alimony + child support) that SHE will love you for the rest of your life. Yeah, sounds like a great plan. Ask yourself this: Is the juice worth the squeeze? Try answering this truthfully. Are you answering yes because of all the sunk costs up to now ( your freedom, the umpteen occasions you have to remember and buy gifts for, the constant planning, the constant keeping HER entertained, the moodiness, the princess complex, time spent doing crap that SHE likes, and basing your definition of manhood on how many times you fornicate). I will admit not ALL women are like that, but enough are.

    Self responsibility (gasp!) and realizing happiness is not based on having a girlfriend/wife. What is hard to understand about that? Unless of course you have been indoctrinated all your life through our feminized school system, while media constantly asks what YOU can do for women.

    The ‘elimination of the human species’ is simply fear mongering on your part. Do you think with 7 Billion people we are going away anytime soon? Would you even be having this ‘conversation’ if the gender roles were reversed?

    A sizeable portion of MGTOW are divorced men with kids. Only an idiot repeats the same mistake twice. But if you want to take another chance with a 2nd marriage, where the chance of divorce is north of 70%, then be my guest.

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