In this episode Uncle Rico and McLuvin’ add their 2 cents on why the NFL’s TV ratings are down, why they’d like to see LaVar Ball face Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick face Mike Pence in a re-launch of Celebrity Death Match, how World War III will start on Twitter and only Pat Sajak can stop it, why the MLS should award 15 points for goals and/or implement a system where goals from longer distances count for more, how the NFL’s affair with Verizon ruined Sunday football viewing, and how Dan LeBatard should be congratulated for sticking it to Rob Manfred.  The boys pay homage to the Orange Bowl and call out the stupidity of building Marlins Park on top of it’s old footprint and make the case that Bobby Bonilla should be consulted for all your financial decisions.  As usual, the boys rant in the name of representing the common folk and if you dare disagree the Quarterbacks are ready and eager to put you in your place.

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