In this episode the boys consider the recent 2018 NRA (National Rifle Association) Convention, held in Dallas.  A receipt from a restaurant called Ellen’s surfaced all over social media, including the NRA’s own Twitter account.  The restaurant, who pledged to donate a portion of their profits from the days of the convention to the cause of safer gun regulations, became the target of the NRA, who apparently doctored a part of the receipt which also claimed support for the second amendment.  The boys examine this and conclude it to be a show of true colors as the NRA showed itself unwilling to bend even in the slightest, concerning gun regulations.  Additionally, the boys dissect a recent Newsweek article that featured an ex-military agent who claims there is no such thing as a good guy with a gun.  The boys talk about the difference in temperaments between those who have been screened and trained to kill vs. the average civilian.  Throughout the episode the boys analyze some of the recent comments by Donald Trump on various issues, only to expose a high percentage of lying.

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